Transforming urban spaces: 70 year legacy of the Group Areas Act

20 Jul 2020

Under national lockdown, evictions and displacements have been common. In the cities of Johannesburg, Durban, Tshwane and Cape Town the crackdown on occupiers and assault [read more]

Kwaito – the sound of aesthetic freedom?

16 Jul 2020

There are big, decades-old contestations about Kwaito – its meaning, politics and where it drew inspiration. Underlying some of these debates are attempts to situate Kwaito politically – its [read more]

Resisting police repression, rethinking public safety: voices from the US, Kenya and South Africa

24 Jun 2020

Thenjiwe McHarris (US) is a strategist with the Movement for Black Lives Juliet Wanjira (Kenya) is the co-founder of the Mathare Social Justice Centre Axolile [read more]

Performing Lockdown: a virtual concert

20 Jun 2020

A celebration of youth and global south community activism Performing Lockdown brings together poets, musicians, dancers, writers, actors, and other performance artists to offer audiences [read more]

Episode 5: Coronavirus – a health workers’ speak-out

12 May 2020

Activism in uncertain times – Episode 5: Coronavirus – a health workers’ speak-out On 1 May 2020 – health workers in South Africa downed tools [read more]

‘Sell-Out’ or Necessary Compromise: an activist school on the 30th anniversary of the transition to democracy

30 Apr 2020 – 04 May 2020

The view that the settlement that ushered in democracy in 1994 was a ‘sell-out’, ‘betrayal’, an ‘elite pact’ or ‘terrible compromise’ has widespread appeal among [read more]

Activism in uncertain times – Episode 4: Arts in crisis: the role of creativity and the arts in times of physical isolation

28 Apr 2020

Episode 4: Arts in crisis: the role of creativity and the arts in times of physical isolation Writer Ben Okri argues that in the crisis [read more]

Activism in uncertain times – Episode 3: Organising in the time of Covid-19: reflections from movements in the global South    

21 Apr 2020

Episode 3: Organising in the time of Covid-19: reflections from movements in the global South In discussion: S’bu Zikode (South Africa) is the President of [read more]

Zimbabwe 40 years on: new and old crises

18 Apr 2020

Since the end of the Mugabe presidency in November 2017, many expected the beginning of an end to an enduring political and economic difficulties that [read more]

Activism in uncertain times

07 Apr 2020

The ongoing crisis caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus has caused unprecedented uncertainty in many parts of the world. But even in these uncertain [read more]

Cape Town meeting on progressive mobilisation against coronavirus pandemic

18 Mar 2020

Based on the enthusiastic responses received, we now confirm the meeting on progressive mobilisation on the coronavirus as follows: DATE – Wednesday 18th March TIME [read more]

Suspension of operations and programmes in light of coronavirus pandemic

17 Mar 2020 – 13 Apr 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the expert analysis on the need to slow infection rates and in line with government’s declaration of the state of [read more]

Labour proposals to end load-shedding

10 Mar 2020

COSATU has boldly proposed that the Public Investment Commission (PIC) must invest in ending load-shedding. The PIC is Africa’s largest asset manager and amongst the [read more]

US power in the Middle East: Anti-imperialist politics in times of global crises & uncertainty

18 Feb 2020

US President Donald Trump’s announcement of the Deal of the Century (on Palestinian statehood) and the targeted assassination of Iran’s Major-General Qassem Soleimani demonstrate how [read more]

Revolution in Sudan: Activists share their experiences

09 Oct 2019

A popular uprising in Sudan, which started in December 2018, ended 30 years of military rule and led to the recent signing of a deal [read more]

The National Treasury’s economic strategy – an answer to South Africa’s economic crisis or a repacked neo-liberal agenda?

12 Sep 2019

On 27 August the National Treasury released the discussion paper Economic transformation, inclusive growth, and competitiveness: towards an economic strategy for South Africa as for public comment. [read more]

Youth Arts Festival

31 Aug 2019

Freedom, NOW! Nkululeko, NGOKU! Vryheid, NOU! – a rallying cry during Apartheid that people were done waiting for freedom and would seize liberation themselves. We [read more]

Land reform and agriculture report: Business as usual?

06 Aug 2019

On 28 July 2019, the government released to the public the report of the Presidential Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture. President Cyril Ramaphosa [read more]

Fanon: Yesterday, Today

30 Jul 2019

French-Algerian filmmaker Hassane Mezine embarks on a journey exploring the memory and legacy of psychiatrist, author and anti-colonial activist Frantz Fanon. Through interviews with activists [read more]

Rosa Luxemburg and Women’s Activism in the German Revolution

18 Jul 2019

2019 marks 100 years since the brutal murders of socialist revolutionaries Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht in Germany. The centenary commemorations of Rosa Luxemburg’s death [read more]

Encounters Documentary Fest: Village vs Empire, Tidal & Beyond the Frontlines

15 Jun 2019

Village vs Empire (screens with Tidal – short film) 14:00 Dir. Mark J Kaplan 2018 | South Africa | Norway | South Korea | 68min [read more]

UPRIZE! – The Youth of ’76 and the world that made them

13 Jun 2019

On the morning of 16 June 1976, a group of school children in Soweto gathered peacefully to protest the mandatory inclusion of Afrikaans as a [read more]

Encounters Documentary Fest: Cold Case Hammarskjöld; Dying for Gold & Stroop

08 Jun 2019

Cold Case Hammarskjöld 10:00 Director: Mads Brugger 2018 |  Denmark | Norway | Sweden | 128 min. Danish investigative journalist, filmmaker and TV host, Mads [read more]

The Land Debate: Is Nationalisation and State Custodianship the Solution?

04 Jun 2019

In response to the slow pace of land redistribution and the failures of restitution in South Africa, calls have come up for nationalisation and state [read more]

History of ANC economic thinking: implications for policy over the next 5 years

14 May 2019

Vishnu Padayachee speaks onthe evolution of the ANC’s economic and social policies and the implications for the next period of the organisation’s U-turn from social-democratic policies [read more]

What Is Democracy?

02 May 2019

Coming at a moment of profound political and social crisis, What Is Democracy? reflects on a word we too often take for granted. Director Astra [read more]

Jazz & Freedom

25 Apr 2019

With its roots firmly implanted in the quest for freedom, jazz reflects how liberty can be won and lost. As a form of improvised music, [read more]

#RethinkingFreedom: Challenges to Freedom

24 Apr 2019 – 29 Apr 2019

The world in 2019 looks like an ugly place. Right-wing authoritarianism is on the rise and rides on waves of popular discontent and disillusionment with [read more]

The Crossing

10 Apr 2019

This film is a first-hand account of the perilous journey of a group of Syrian refugees fleeing war and persecution. Traversing land and sea on [read more]

Party manifestos on land: Ukuza kukaNxele?

02 Apr 2019

Almost every South African political party that is contesting elections in May has some reference to land in its manifesto. In a Tshisimani public seminar, [read more]

Country cooking: the music of Chris McGregor’s ‘Brotherhood of Breath’

23 Mar 2019

At the end of the 1960s, whilst he was in exile in England, South Africa’s pianist Chris McGregor gave expression to his expansive musicality by [read more]

Dying For Gold

16 Mar 2019

South Africa’s wealth and privilege has been funded by large scale maiming and killing of people by the gold mining industry. Today gold miner communities [read more]

Call for Applications: Rethinking Freedom – a foundation course for activists

10 Mar 2019

Course overview The world in 2019 looks like an ugly place. Right-wing authoritarianism is on the rise and rides on waves of popular discontent and [read more]

Minerals, weapons, and violence: the story of the DRC

06 Mar 2019

What is the link between the mineral wealth of the DRC, the weapons industry, and political violence? Following the screening of the documentary This is [read more]

We Are No Longer At Ease: The Struggle For #FeesMustFall

13 Feb 2019

We Are No Longer At Ease is a major new collection of writing about the #FeesMustFall movement. Combining personal reflections, essays, poetry and analyses, the [read more]

This is Congo

05 Feb 2019

Thank you for the rain

29 Jan 2019

Over the last five years Kisilu, a smallholder farmer in Kenya has used his camera to capture the life of his family, his village and [read more]

Mama Africa Directed by Mika Kaurismaki

29 Nov 2018

Thursday, 29 November @ 17h30 – 20h00 Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education 67-69 Main Road, Mowbray Jazz performer and educator Nomfundo Xaluva will lead post-screening [read more]

The state of rural education in South Africa

15 Nov 2018

Rural schools continue to be the most poorly resourced and most neglected schools in the country. Gross inequalities continue to mirror those of the ‘homeland’ [read more]

Film showing: Everything Must Fall

09 Nov 2018

“Qina Mfundi. Qina!” 10 Years of Struggle for Equal Education – A Photographic Exhibition

24 Oct 2018 – 15 Nov 2018

Drawing inspiration from the struggle against Apartheid and social movements in democratic South Africa, particularly the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), over the last 10 years [read more]

Black Sash Khuluma: How one word can can change the game

18 Oct 2018

Book Launch: Public Interest Litigation in South Africa

17 Sep 2018

Speakers: Nurina Ally (Equal Education Law Centre) Mandisa Shandu (Ndifuna Ukwazi) Nolundi Luwaya (Centre for Law and Society) RSVP: Ingrid Hartog –

Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary directed by John Scheinfeld

14 Sep 2018

Fifty years ago, Winston Mankunku Ngozi recorded ‘Dedication’ as a tribute to US saxophonist John Coltrane. Since then, Coltrane  and his music remain a big [read more]

Our ’68: Young Revolutionaries Arts Festival

01 Sep 2018

1968 – a year of inspired rebellion – from Paris to Prague, Senegal to South Africa, Tokyo to the USA, thousands of young people marched, [read more]

This Land

23 Aug 2018

“Land is everything to us, we are not afraid to die.” THIS LAND is a powerful 48-minute documentary about a small village in Kwa-Zulu Natal, [read more]

Hindu nationalism: a form of exclusionary politics

17 Jul 2018

Tuesday 17 July 2018 18.00 – 20.00 Throughout the world, economic insecurity and vulnerability are giving birth to politics of exclusion such as right-wing nationalism, [read more]

Our ’68: Student and Youth Politics Today

09 Jul 2018 – 14 Jul 2018

From Monday 9 – Saturday 14 July 2018, the Tshsimani Centre for Activist Education (TCAE) hosted  an International Student and Youth Activist Convening in Cape [read more]

Book Launch: Organise or Die!

12 Jun 2018

Author, Raphaël Botiveau will be in conversation with Asanda Benya, UCT academic in sociology specialising in workers in the mining industry. Tuesday, 12 June 2018 [read more]

Pan-African Film Showcase

25 May 2018 – 26 May 2018

This year marks 10 years since the violent outbreak of xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals living in South Africa. Issues of migration remain a large [read more]

When the state fails us: how can we hold the corrupt to account?

22 May 2018

Report back & podcast launch In February this year, the 1st People’s Tribunal on Economic Crime in South Africa took place. This brought together 10 [read more]

Does the Constitution block radical land reform?

10 May 2018


Does Marxism have a place in radical politics today?

30 Apr 2018

Seminars and panel discussions marking the bi-centennial anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx and examining the relevance of his ideas today. From the Economic [read more]

Marxism & contemporary struggles in Africa

26 Apr 2018

Seminars and panel discussions marking the bi-centennial anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx and examining the relevance of his ideas today. The 21st century [read more]

Listeriosis: How the capitalist food system kills us

12 Apr 2018

The listerioisis outbreak and the death of 189 people places in sharp focus the urgency of a campaign for a food production system that enables [read more]

Driving change through creativity: a workshop on the arts and activism

23 Mar 2018 – 24 Mar 2018

Are you an activist interested in creative ways to think about resistance, change, and imagining a different world? Are you an artist interested in collaborating [read more]

Government’s fee-free higher education policy: An answer to student demands?

03 Mar 2018

In December 2017, Jacob Zuma announced a fee-free higher education policy for South Africa. At its 54th national conference, the ANC endorsed the proposal. While [read more]

The climate crisis and democratic eco-socialist alternatives

01 Mar 2018

These days the planet frequently experiences prolonged droughts, heavy storms, intense tornadoes, devastating floods and deadly heat waves. Melting ice caps are leading to rising [read more]

A Pop-Up Cinema Event: The Giant is Falling

22 Feb 2018

In light of the recent tumultuous events in South Africa, and due to popular demand, we are reshowing Rehad Desai‘s The Giant is Falling: After 24 years [read more]

A Pop-Up Cinema Event: The Giant is Falling

30 Nov 2017

In our Pop-Up Cinema Event, the films and locations are never the same. What remains constant is our passion for film and our desire to [read more]

Dying to travel: state capture and the destruction of our railways

04 Nov 2017

Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education and #Unitebehind hosted an educational workshop on Saturday 4th November 2017 for Metrorail commuters to share their testimonies of Cape [read more]

A Pop-Up Cinema Event: Taking HAART

26 Oct 2017

In our Pop-Up Cinema Event, the films and locations are never the same. What remains constant is our passion for film and our desire to [read more]

Radical Thinkers’ Series: C.L.R. James

09 Oct 2017 – 12 Oct 2017

The year 2018 will mark 80 years since the publication of C.L.R. James’s The Black Jacobins: Toussaint L’Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution. This seminal [read more]

Reflecting on the struggle for free education

05 Oct 2017 – 06 Oct 2017

On 6th October 2015, student and worker mobilization across South Africa erupted in a national day of action. Two years later we reflect on what [read more]

Eskom’s capture: Implications for ordinary people

03 Oct 2017

In October, parliament begins its inquiry into Eskom and other state-owned enterprises. As it summons witnesses to give evidence, further details will come to light [read more]

Russian Revolution Series: Colloquium for history teachers on approaches to teaching the Russian Revolution

29 Sep 2017

A colloquium for history teachers on approaches to teaching the Russian Revolution. This colloquium aims to examine the teaching of history and pool resources for [read more]

Dying to forget: History, memory and the intergenerational transfer of trauma in South Africa –  Jacob Dlamini 

30 Aug 2017

Why do individuals who did not experience apartheid personally claim to suffer from trauma as a result of apartheid? How do we make sense of [read more]

Dying for a home in the city

28 Aug 2017

During a protest in Town 2 Khayelitsha last month, a car pulled up next to Mthunzi ‘Ras’ Zuma. The driver asked Ras to identify himself, [read more]

A Pop-Up Cinema Event: This Land

24 Aug 2017

In our Pop-Up Cinema Event, the films and locations are never the same. What remains constant is our passion for film and our desire to [read more]

Constitutionalism or Decolonisation: Legal Education Today

19 Aug 2017 – 20 Aug 2017

In response to the nationwide student movement for decolonisation and the need to question of western systems of knowledge and symbolic orders, Tshisimani offers a [read more]

Eddie Webster: The Unresolved National Question in South Africa – Left Thought Under Apartheid

18 Aug 2017

Earlier this year, Edward Webster and Karin Pampallis launched an edited book on why the goal of a united nation living prosperously under a constitutional [read more]

Nationalism: Lessons from India

10 Aug 2017

The on-going calls for ‘radical economic transformation’ as well as arguments about how the lack of ‘economic freedom’ undermines political independence, sharply raise questions about [read more]

Women, film and post-apartheid South Africa

04 Aug 2017 – 05 Aug 2017

Women,  film and post-apartheid SA The post-apartheid film space has opened up the possibility of varied and inclusive depictions of a broad range of female [read more]

A Pop-Up Cinema Event: The Invisible War

27 Jul 2017

In our Pop-Up Cinema Event, the films and locations are never the same. What remains constant is our passion for film and our desire to [read more]

Moeletsi Mbeki: Race, class and the making of modern South Africa

12 Jul 2017

Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education will host a lecture by Moeletsi Mbeki titled, “Race, class and the making of modern South Africa”. Wednesday, 12 July [read more]

Sindiwe Magona: Black Women in Cape Town

05 Jul 2017

In honouring what Toni Cade Bambara called ‘radical cultural work’ and in continuing the important reflections of African women in literature, Tshisimani will be in [read more]

Race and the making of the global capitalist order

25 Jun 2017

Confirmation of Robin D.G. Kelley lecture for Sunday 25 June at Tshisimani Centre Rapidly increasing global inequality is the key political challenge of our times. [read more]

Jazz and the Politics of Co-creation – Conversations with Robin D.G Kelley

23 Jun 2017

As part of its Cold War efforts, the US government promoted jazz as “America’s best gift to the world”. In his book Africa Speaks, America [read more]

The politics of international solidarity – the case of Palestine

02 Jun 2017 – 03 Jun 2017

A short course on the Israeli – Palestinian conflict While growing regional inequalities, the overreaching power of corporates as well as globalisation of wars point [read more]

Film screening: Jai Bhim Comrade

25 May 2017 – 25 May 2017

For thousands of years India’s Dalits were abhorred as “untouchables,” denied education and treated as bonded labour. By 1923 Bhimrao Ambedkar broke the taboo, won [read more]

Remembering the voice, writings and riots of Miriam Tlali

11 May 2017

Miriam Tlali wrote ‘the black South African writer writes because there is so much around him or her that hurts and needs to be expressed [read more]

Lecture 2: Biko’s Fanonian critique of “integration”

25 Mar 2017

Drawing on Biko’s critique of white liberalism and notions of integration, Nigel C. Gibson will present a lecture on Stephen Bantu Biko’s conception of race, [read more]

Lecture 1: Race and the stubbornness of racism

23 Mar 2017

Approaches to race and racism have divided political movements and organisations in the past and continue to do so in the present. More than 20 [read more]

Module 1: Ideas Matter – Social Theories and Social Change

22 Mar 2017 – 27 Mar 2017

This module will explore how the complexity of today’s world requires ideas for change. With a focus on ideas that enjoy currency amongst activists today, [read more]

SA’s withdrawal from the ICC: protecting national independence or abandoning universalism?

10 Mar 2017 – 11 Mar 2017

The High Court in Pretoria ruled on February 22nd that South Africa’s decision to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC) was unconstitutional, not in [read more]

A Social Security Framework that Tackles Poverty and Inequality?

17 Feb 2017

The administration and distribution of social grants has been in the news recently for reasons ranging from fraudulent deductions to controversies surrounding the Cash Paymaster [read more]

Emancipatory Ideas and Experiences – Foundation course

13 Feb 2017

Call for Applications Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education invites applications for its first offering of a Foundation Course on Emancipatory Ideas and Experiences.  This course explores [read more]

Free Fall: Why South African Universities are in the Race against Time

03 Feb 2017

The student movement born out of the 2015 Rhodes Must Fall / Fees Must Fall moment has received widespread attention, support, analysis and critique, and [read more]

Jan Theron’s Solidarity Road: The story of a trade union in the ending of apartheid

08 Dec 2016

Tshisimani and Jacana Media invite you to a launch of Jan Theron’s Solidarity Road: The Story of a trade in the ending of apartheid. The [read more]

Gentrification, Displacement & Dispossession in Cape Town

07 Oct 2016

From Maboneng in Johannesburg to Woodstock and Salt River in Cape Town, cases of the poor being pushed out to the fringes of cities is [read more]

Colonialism, its Legacy & the Project of Decolonisation

01 Oct 2016

Speakers: Shamil Jeppie, Zandisiwe Radebe and Vishwas Satgar. A workshop that explores the complexities of colonial rule and its aftermath. What were the main drivers [read more]

A panel discussion: Can the ANC renew itself?

14 Sep 2016

A panel discussion: With the decline in support for the ANC reflected in the local government election results and with scandals erupting at different levels of the [read more]

Hunger in South Africa: A Silent Crisis

26 Aug 2016

According to the Oxfam Report (2014) – Hidden Hunger in South Africa – one in four people currently suffers from hunger on a regular basis [read more]

‘State Capture’, Democracy and Accountability in South Africa

25 Aug 2016

State capture – the attempt to gain control of key institutions of government by powerful interests – has taken centre stage in national debate in recent months. Allegations of unsavoury links between elements [read more]

Narratives, Creativity & Acts of Resistance

12 Aug 2016

Feminists, intellectuals, activists, unionists and performers gather this to explore the intersections of creative practice, activism and radical black feminisms through two days of book [read more]

Injustice Masked as Convenience? Uber, the “Sharing Economy” and the Changing Nature of Work

29 Jul 2016

Uber markets itself as a quick, safe and convenient transport mechanism that keeps cities and people on the move. In this seminar with Ayabonga Cawe, [read more]

Considerations on Southern Marxism: Fanon and Beyond

22 Jul 2016

Public Lecture: In his lecture Michael Burawoy will look at how concerns of radical movements in the global South have over the years contributed to [read more]

Writing the Decline, On the Struggle for South Africa’s Democracy

30 Jul 2016

The launch will take the form of a presentation on key themes of the book by the author Richard Pithouse Richard Pithouse, an activist intellectual [read more]

The Political Economy of the Post-Apartheid State

14 Jul 2016

What effects have the integration of the Apartheid era ‘homelands’ in the context of South Africa’s Constitution, and the move toward managerialism within the public [read more]

Pan Africanism & Fanon – Contemporary Resonances

01 Apr 2016

Dr Vashna Jagernath and Dr Richard Pithouse from 29 March – 01 April 2016, present a series of seminars aimed at critically engaging the works of [read more]