There are numerous ways to get involved in the Centre’s work. Upcoming events and schools are announced, via social media and through our newsletter. Subscribe or follow us to receive these updates.


We are always looking to increase our network, and welcome activists to contact us so that we can explore ways we can work together to be more effective in our work. Our core business is providing educational assistance to activists, and we rely on activists to communicate their needs and concerns to us.

Individual Activists

We welcome inquiries from individual activists. Let us know the areas you work in and how you envision yourself engaging with the centre.


We will be pursuing several research projects to better understand the landscape we are working in, be it political, historical, legal, social, economic or cultural. Contact us if you have a particular area of experience/interest that might be of benefit to activist work.


We welcome those with relevant areas of expertise around political, historical, legal, social, economic and cultural areas of understanding that impact on activists working today. Contact us if you are interested in presenting a lecture or workshop at Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education.

Materials and Resources

In an effort to avoid needless duplication of labour and resources, we welcome any resources and materials you wish to share with us that could be of benefit to Tshisimani and others working toward similar goals.


We are building a library to support activist work and research. Should you be in the process of downsizing your library we welcome donations of books, journals, multimedia materials and other useful documents.


We are a small team and often need technical and administrative assistance in the running of events. If you are interested please let us know how you think you can help.

Artists, Curators, Performers and other Creatives

In an effort to engage with new strategies for creative activism, social change and reflection, we welcome potential collaborations.


Contact us on 021 685 3516/8 or email