Since the end of the Mugabe presidency in November 2017, many expected the beginning of an end to an enduring political and economic difficulties that have saddled the country for over 20 years. Despite a series of policy concessions made by President Mnangagwa, including returning land to white farmers, the response of the investor community has not been predictably positive and the economy shows no signs of improving.  As Zimbabwe marks 40 years as an independent country under a lockdown due to the outbreak of Corona virus, Tshisimani is hosting a webinar to look at the current crisis as manifested by the reported food shortages and state repression.
Walter Chambati and Tendai Murisa will lead the discussion on the history and political economy of land and agrarian transformation in Zimbabwe and the effect of the outbreak on agrarian struggles.

Saturday, 18 April 2020 15h00 – 17h00

Please RSVP to for the webinar link. The seminar will also be streamed on Facebook: