Women,  film and post-apartheid SA

The post-apartheid film space has opened up the possibility of varied and inclusive depictions of a broad range of female identities. However, concerns have been raised that the depiction of women in South African films often remains ‘one dimensional’ and stereotypical, with female characters who are rarely portrayed outside of conventional gender roles and often denied agency. That these issues still exist in an era of assumed openness of ideas and representations is a source of debate and discussion for filmmakers and audiences alike. As a means of contributing to these debates, Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education is hosting a two-day workshop that will include contributions of female filmmakers. In addition to the debate above, the workshop will probe the following questions:

  • How are women’s identities depicted in post-apartheid South African film?
  • Are they represented solely as static and stereotypical? Do they reinforce or challenge conventional understandings of femininity/womanhood?
  • Are there alternative depictions of women that might engage with identity as fluid and imagine women in new ways?
  • How are gender and sexual identities connected to race and culture? How are these shaped by history and the environment and to what extent are these aspects explored in contemporary SA film?
  • Who has access to the post-apartheid film industry and how does this shape the stories we see on screen?

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Wadi Dyani
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Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education,
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