In response to the slow pace of land redistribution and the failures of restitution in South Africa, calls have come up for nationalisation and state ownership or custodianship of land. In a seminar to contribute to discussions on tenure systems that will guarantee secure rights of use and access of land to ordinary people, Tshisimani hosts Mandisa Shandu and BoaventuraMonjane. Shandu who is the co-director and attorney at Ndifuna Ukwazi will speak on how the City of Cape Town’s ownership of public land is not translating to prioritisation of redistribution and inclusive spatial development. Mozambican journalist and land activist Monjane will present on how despite state ownership of land in Mozambique, arrangements that favour private and multinational land interest groups have crept in.


Tuesday 04 June 2019


Bertha House, 67-69 Main Road, Mowbray, Cape Town

RSVP by Monday 03 June to or (021) 685 3516

Highlights from public seminar, focused on the presentations from guest speakers Boa Monjane and Mandisa Shandu

Participant offers a compelling reflection on the need for grassroots movements to pressure the state to enact land reform.

Ndifuna Ukwazi's Mandisa Shandu reflects on the unnecessary violence the South African police utilise when dealing with land occupations and the need to understand that these occupations arise as a result of the slow progress of land reform in South Africa.