In our Pop-Up Cinema Event, the films and locations are never the same. What remains constant is our passion for film and our desire to engage in conversation with you.

This month’s selection is Rehad Desai’s The Giant is Falling.

After 24 years of democracy, South Africa can’t seem to shake of apartheid’s legacy. The ANC, the political party in power since 1994, has been unable to address growing inequalities in the country. Instead, it has been plagued by scandal and political crises brought on by deep fractures within the party.
In The Giant is Falling, Desai attempts to locate where the ANC went wrong. This journey takes us back to 1994 and ends at the present moment, where Desai looks at how FeesMustFall and the emergence of the Guptas in SA’s political landscape have contributed to the decline in popularity of the ANC. For Desai, these events herald the death of the ANC, and he questions what became of the 1994 dream. Most importantly, The Giant is Falling poses questions of how to respond to these issues, as activists and as ordinary citizens.

30 November 2017
The Market Deli & Legal Cafe, Salt River

Entry is free, and refreshments will be served.

Kindly RSVP to:
Wadi Dyani
021 685 3516/8