Feminists, intellectuals, activists, unionists and performers gather this to explore the intersections of creative practice, activism and radical black feminisms through two days of book talks, performance, political discussion and workshops.

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Benya argues that while useful, the examination of Marikana through the massacre tends to privilege the production sphere and lends itself mainly to the exploration of the workplace; the workers, their employers and the union. This exclusive reliance on this lens is inadequate and inevitably results in many silences, one of which is the silencing of the reproductive sphere and, by extension, women. An analysis of Marikana the location, realities and conditions on the ground allows us to look at women who are usually ignored when talking about the mines.

Kwezilomso Mbandazayo
(Black, Queer feminist thinker, activist, Oxfam SA Programme Manager for Women's Rights and Gender Justice)

Nombuso Mathibela
(Rhodes Must Fall activist)

Crystal Dicks
(1980s Youth Activist (COSAS), former COSATU Education Secretary, NUMSA Head of Research)