This module will explore how the complexity of today’s world requires ideas for change. With a focus on ideas that enjoy currency amongst activists today, the module will look at how throughout history, a range of ideas and social theories were used together with mass power to effect change. Using a number of theoretical traditions, the module will address the question of the role of ideas in social change. The theoretical traditions to be dealt with in the module are: liberalism, Marxism, feminism, Pan-Africanism, African nationalism, black radical traditions, black consciousness and ‘fallism’. The approach will highlight the manner in which the theoretical traditions develop, change and branch out. With a strong emphasis on context, the module will probe how ideas and knowledge systems are produced as well as how they are used to either challenge or maintain power relations. The module will look at how ideas that advocate emancipation and freedom lose emancipatory power as they become dominant discourses of the elite and ruling classes. At the end of the module participants should continue to develop their ability to utilise those ideas that are relevant to today’s struggles, discard blunt ones, as well as open up new areas of emancipatory thought.