Seminars and panel discussions marking the bi-centennial anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx and examining the relevance of his ideas today.

The 21st century political scene on the African continent has been anything but quiescent, with young people involved in struggles against despotism, election fraud, repression, unemployment, privatisation of basic services, environmental degradation and corruption. Yet, on cursory observation, unlike the 20th century when Marxism was part and parcel of the political language of the time, forms of political expression associated with Marxism seem to be marginal in popular struggles today. Is Marxism on permanent retreat in Africa today? Is it a relic from a long-forgotten from the past? What explains this shift? What animates popular struggles today?

Cindy Morillas – Centre for Social Change (UJ) and researcher specialising in youth and student struggles in Cameroon
Heike Becker – (UWC) professor focusing on popular and youth struggles in Southern Africa (Namibia and South Africa)

Thursday, 26 April
18H00 – 20H30