French-Algerian filmmaker Hassane Mezine embarks on a journey exploring the memory and legacy of psychiatrist, author and anti-colonial activist Frantz Fanon. Through interviews with activists and scholars – among them Olivier Fanon, Cornel West and Palestinian psychiatrist Samah Jabr – and extracts of Fanon’s seminal texts, the filmmaker links Fanon’s activism and writing with contemporary anti-imperialist struggles in Portugal, France, the USA, Niger, Algeria, South Africa and Palestine. Without reducing or romanticizing the memory of Fanon, the film evokes Fanon as a thinker and inspiring doer whose vision of true liberation the interviewees share.


Tuesday 30 July 2019

@18:00- 20:30

Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education

Bertha House

67-69 Main Road,

Mowbray, Cape Town