Based on the enthusiastic responses received, we now confirm the meeting on progressive mobilisation on the coronavirus as follows:

DATE – Wednesday 18th March
TIME – 17h00 to 18h30

ONLINE link – zoom link being set up and will be sent later today.

PHYSICAL meeting – Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education, 67 Main Road, Mowbray
1. Physically meeting is based on requests for those without online access for the zoom facility. We will limit numbers to 30 people at the big hall and to 15 at a smaller hall.
2. Safety measures for the meeting are being developed and will be announced early tomorrow morning – what we have in place for now are sanitisers at entrances and toilets, hand washing soap, safe seating distances, sufficient ventilation, limiting the numbers as above and effective monitoring of compliance with these standards. We also appeal for support from doctors, nurses and other health workers to ensure compliance.


1. Our critical understanding of the coronavirus, the government measures and the impact of the virus on working class communities

2. Building a progressive mobilisation strategy
2.1 Public education
2.2 Community context
2.3 Workplace challenges
2.4 Public transport implications
2.5 Public health facilities
2.6 Social care and mobilisation
2.7 Volunteer mobilisation, education and coordination
2.7 The role of ICT – online platforms, and action on access for activist work
2.8 Local leadership and coordination

3. Public heath, political and social demands and action

4. Way forward and coordination
4.1 Coordinating mechanism
4.2 Operations centre

RSVP: & cell: 0839879633

In solidarity
Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education