Call for Young Content Creators

The Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education, in the interests of nurturing of socially responsive creatives, wishes to commission young content creators to produce digital content that documents and effectively responds to the theme of “Crisis and Uncertainty”. Each call will have a different topic which creatives are to respond to with the intention of producing aesthetic, insightful and engaging content that inspires activism .

Topic two: In spite of the patriarchy – capturing resilience and resistance


We are looking for content from visual artists, videographers, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, vocalists, performers, cartoonists and poets.

In your application, you must include:
1. A detailed proposal of your content, including how it will respond to the topic, your chosen media form(s), how you intend to produce the content and how it will work online.
2. Substantial and up-to-date examples of your workAfter receiving your application, a maximum of three applicants will be chosen and offered paid commission for their proposed content. They will then have two weeks to produce the content.

Specific requirements for different media forms that will be published online:

  • Video production (of any kind including animation) – 2min 20 seconds maximum length
  • Performance: for example, poetry, story, monologue – 2 mins maximum length
  • Photography – no more than five high resolution images with short text descriptions
  • Graphic design – around 1090 x 1090 in dimension, with the exception of landscape images
  • Comic/cartoon – single page, also preferably around 1090 x 1090
  • Visual art – must be photographed in high resolution
  • Podcast – less than 10min
  • Song – less than 3min
  • Written poetry – 150 words maximum
  • We welcome multi-disciplinary proposals that may incorporate a range of forms.

After receiving your application, further engagement may take place following which a maximum of three applicants will be chosen and commissioned. They will have two weeks to produce their proposed content and will receive payment in line with it’s production.

Applications due: Wednesday 23 September

Successful applications commissioned: Friday 25 September

Content due: Wednesday 7 October

All applications with samples of work – along with any further questions – to be sent to