For activists and their movements, 2017 was both a challenging and exciting year. With economies of many countries showing few signs of recovery and with the talk of green shoots proving to be nothing more than fantasy, inequalities within countries and across the globe are deepening. Politically the world is increasingly moving to the right with all attendant problems of xenophobia, populism, war-mongering and violence. While traditional ways of conducting politics are rapidly proving to be ineffective, ordinary people in different parts of the world are involved in fightbacks to defend their bodies, territories and rights. Lessons from campaigns to win back what has been lost inspired Tshisimani’s programme in 2017. Download our Highlights of 2017 here.

Tshisimani Highlights 2017

The Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education draws its name ‘Tshisimani’ from a word in the TshiVenda language meaning fountain, spring or ‘at the water source'. This captures the driving inspiration for the Centre, which is to nourish, replenish and sustain the power and capacity of activist movements…

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